Videos: McD's Quarter Pounder for Men, Burgers = Heroin, and Pineapple Madness


I came across three burger-related videos from Australia this week, so I'm lumping them all together in this post because...I can. First, a recent ad from McDonald's showing how manly you can be when you eat a Quarter Pounder with one hand; second, a PSA that compares feeding your kids burgers to shooting them up with heroin; and third, a vintage McDonald's ad full of gigantic pineapple-y goodness. Watch the videos after the jump.

McDonald's Australia 'More of a Man' Quarter Pounder Commercial

Although the manliness theme is reminiscent of Old Spice's popular commercials, it may also be a jab at competitor Hungry Jacks and their commercials showing how you need two hands to hold their burger. [via Burger Business]

'Break The Habit'

I don't know about you, but when I was a little kid I was mostly drawn to fast food joints (cough McDonalds) because of the toys, not the food. My advice to parents if they don't want their kids addicted to burgers: Start them off with a really crappy burger. Then your kid, assuming they have taste buds, will think they all suck. (This was actually my impression for most of my childhood. ...So instead, I was addicted to chicken nuggets.) [via Eater / Copyranter]

McDonald's Gold 'n' Grill Commercial (1984)

There's something about this commercial that keeps drawing me in. Maybe it's the GIGANTIC GLOWING PINEAPPLE that randomly pops up and looms over its impressionable human subjects. "Hey, you in the car, I don't know where you're driving but change your plans—you're going to McDonald's drive-thru now. Love, Your Gigantic Glowing Pineapple Overlord." That upbeat theme song doesn't hurt either.