Dear AHT: Burger Recs in Las Vegas?

Dear AHT

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[Photograph: Bukowsky18 on Flickr]

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersI'm making a quick trip to Las Vegas next weekend, and was searching AHT for some burger reviews and suggestions. Aside from the reader tip promoting the Awful Awful Burger (fantastic, by the way) in Reno and a couple In-N-Out mentions, I couldn't really find anything for the entire state of Nevada. We Salt Lakers finally got In-N-Out last November, and this will be my first trip to Vegas where I won't feel the pressure to stuff my face with Double-Doubles the entire time. I know about the Burger Bar and the ridiculously expensive one at the Paris, but does AHT have any other recommendations? I'd like to avoid the fancy, overpriced casino burgers, though I'm definitely willing to splurge if it's worth it.

Thanks, Chad

I didn't realize how Nevada-less AHT was until I poked around the archives. Nevada coverage = almost none; Las Vegas coverage = none. :(

Any AHT-ers have Las Vegas burger advice for Chad? If so, please leave a comment! (Better yet, if you'd like to review a Las Vegas-area burger for us, head over here!)