Dear AHT: Blue Cheese and Chocolate Chip Burger

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[Photograph: Andrew Strenio]

There are potentially tasty fusion burgers and then there's...this: the Black and Bleu Burger ($10.50) from The Pub and Restaurant in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, featuring an 8-ounce patty mixed with chocolate chips and "bleu cheese crumble sauce" on a pretzel roll. Serious Eater Andrew Strenio (aka savorflavor) tried it so you don't have to:

So here's the deal with the taste experience: You know how most dishes you can read the ingredients / preparation / style and have a good idea of what to expect? You know how you read the black and bleu description and can't really picture at all how it would taste? Yeah, after taking a bite (or many), you still have no idea what is going on. It's just... confusing. You can taste beef, you can taste melted chocolate (probably Hershey's semi-sweet chips), and you can taste bleu cheese. But you still can't make sense of it. There's no blending—just distinct stabs of those flavors—and you're left scratching your head, glad you ordered it for two reasons:

1) Now you never have to wonder what life would be like if you didn't order the b&b burger
2) Now you never have to order the b&b burger ever again

Chocolate chip burgers = probably not the next big burger fad.