Video: In-N-Out Burgeritto


How do you eat animal-style fries and a burger from In-N-Out in your car without making a huge mess? Cut up burger, arrange pieces in the center of a large tortilla, cut pile of animal-style fries in half, plop on top of burger, and fold into a burrito (or burgeritto, rather).

...Of course, this assumes you carry tortillas and a knife around with you and that the tortilla won't burst under the pressure of the innards, in which case you might end up with a bigger mess than if you had eaten everything in non-burrito form. May as well just carry around a fork and some wet wipes.

This video from is from a year ago, but as our coverage of burgerittos is non-existent and AHT reader BeachBumBob pointed it out to me today, I'm going to plop it up now. Watch the video after the jump. (Note: Off-screen host exclaims, "Oh my god" way more than necessary; the video might be more enjoyable if you mute it.)

In-N-Out Burgeritto