Dear AHT: Thumbs Up for the 'Kobe Beef Burger' at The Cheesecake Factory

Dear AHT

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Dear AHT, Letters From Our Readers


I would consider myself a burger enthusiast. Many a two hour long wait at Shake Shack, Goodburger, and even calling in sick to on a Monday to go to Rub BBQ a few to many times.

However, I have never been so kicked in the ass by a burger than when my girlfriend dragged me on a double date to The Cheesecake Factory. Looking at the menu, the Kobe beef burger looked like a good choice. The menu said it was actually USDA Kobe, and it came with sautéed onions and mushrooms, lettuce, tomato. Sounds like a recipe for a mushy, but tasty burger. I went with the cheddar as I thought I would need to sweeten it up a little bit.

The hamburger is served to me, and I quickly take a bite: What is this! I could feel the crust of the burger, perfectly pan seared. The juice started to run down my lips and onto my chin unexpectedly. The middle of the burger was perfectly pink throughout with perfectly intact marbling.

To be objective, it was not the best burger I have ever had. However, instead of driving through mind numbingly insane traffic on the Long Island Expressway to get a good burger, I could drive 10 minutes and still satisfy my innate desire for a good burger. It was a revelation.

I believe the Kobe Beef burger at the Cheesecake Factory is worthy of at least a short blurb on the site. Readily available in many middle class areas, it may be somebody's saving grace when they are dragged to this metropolis of populist mediocrity. I hope you agree with my assessment.

Thanks, John I.