Dear AHT: La Frieda in Connecticut at Georgie's Diner

Dear AHT

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Here's an email we received recently in the AHT mailbox. Thanks to Rich for the burger tip! You can drop us a line at [email protected] with all your recs.

Dear AHT, Letters From Our Readers

Hello Burger Wizards,

Came across Georgie's Diner, a '50s style diner in West Haven, the next town over from me, that serves a La Frieda blend burger. Thought I would try it and it was really great compared to what's available in CT. It's a 8-ounce burger, griddle cooked exactly medium rare, and the fries and chocolate milkshake were excellent as well. I haven't heard anything about it on the site so I thought you guys could let all the CT burger lovers know about it.

Regards, Rich

Georgie's Diner

427 Elm Street, West Haven, CT 06516 (map) 203-933-1000;