Dear AHT: 'Burgers in Memphis - BOY DID YOU GUYS MISS IT!!!'

Dear AHT

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Here's an email we recently received in the AHT inbox in response to Nick's post about burger joints he came across in Memphis. You can drop us a line at [email protected] with all your recs.


[Photograph: Thomas Hawk on Flickr]

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersYou guys missed two additional places for burgers that I can't believe you drove through Memphis and didn't try.

1.) Dyer's Burgers: With a location now on historic Beale Street. Deep fried! Deep Fried—I SAID THEY DEEP FRY THEIR HAMBURGERS AND CHEESE BURGERS! These burgers are fried fresh to order right before your eyes in grease that has been around since before the Great Depression. No gimmick—these are great! Just don't tell your cardiologist where you are eating!

2.) Huey's: Which has a location one and a half blocks west, three blocks north from Dyers, across from the historic Peabody Hotel. Piled high with fresh ingredients and served with an ice cold beer and the best onion rings around. Great atmosphere, great service, and an overall great burger joint! Loosen your jaw and your belt. These are thick and piled high with just the right amount of beef, cheese, and fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, and fixings! They also have other locations around the Memphis area—my favorite location is in Southaven, MS. Aprox 20 minutes south of Memphis International.

Happy Eating! Jon W - Horn Lake, MS