Dear AHT: Rutledge Burgers in Brownsville, TX

Dear AHT

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Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersHello,

I stumbled onto your blog. I am a lover of burgers. There is a great little place in downtown Brownsville, Texas, called Rutledge Burgers. It's been there since 1924, and its built into the space between two buildings. You can literally stand in the middle and extend your arms to touch both walls. Their burgers are fantastic and don't set you back more than a couple of bucks.

Here's a bit on it:

And here:

Please consider featuring them. Note: I am not PR, just a fellow blogger who happens to be a fan of burgers.

Thanks, - Jay

A burger shop doesn't stay open for 86 years for nothing. Has anyone else tried Rutledge Burgers?

Rutledge Burgers

1126 E Washington Street, Brownsville TX 78520 (map)