Video: Making Perfectly Cooked '22nd Century' Hamburgers at the French Culinary Institute


This week on, Josh Ozersky visited the French Culinary Institute in New York City to see how chefs Nils Norén (Vice President of Culinary and Pastry Arts) and Dave Arnold (Director of Culinary Technology) make perfectly cooked burgers (or as Ozersky calls them, 22nd century burgers). They form a loosely packed patty, flash-fry it, put it in a Zip-Loc bag full of melted butter (and/or beef fat), cook it in a circulator to medium rare, then flash-fry it again. The result is a super juicy burger with some crust and visible ground meat "noodles."

Noren and Arnold mentioned their burger-cooking technique in their blog Cooking Issues back in November 2009, but it looks like they have yet to make a post yet that fulling outlines the process. Arnold also describes the technique in this interview at

They mention that you couldn't sous vide the burger since the vacuum packing would compress the patty and you want it light and loose. Last December Kenji made sous vide burgers (slides 9 and 10) with delicious, juice-oozing results while still retaining a good texture, although he noted that he had a low-powered vacuum.

Watch the video after the jump. 22nd Century Hamburgers