'The Cheeseburger Show' Wins James Beard Award for Multimedia Food Feature

Ahh, the beginning: Episode 1 of The Cheeseburger Show.


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Congratulations to Kevin Pang (aka "Cheeseburger Bureau Chief") of the Chicago Tribune for winning Best Multimedia Food Feature during last night's 2010 James Beard Foundation Media Awards for his 12-episode series, The Cheeseburger Show. Although it focuses on Chicago, you don't need to live in Chicago to appreciate the show (it's funny, informative, full of food porn, and all about burgers; what's not to love?), so if you haven't watched it before, get on it now. Thanks for representing the burger world, Kevin! (I'm particularly fond of Episode 10 featuring a Perfect Strangers-style intro and the use of french fry and cheeseburger costumes.)

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