Dear AHT: McDonald's 'Burger of the Month' Promotion in the 1990s

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Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersOk....i have been researching this topic high and low and hope that you the Hamburger Gurus will succeed where I have failed.

There was a promotion by McDonald's in the 1990s called the Burger of he Month. How long did this promotion run and what were ALL the hamburgers that were featured? I can only remember the McCheddar, Bacon Swiss 1/4 Pounder, Chili Cheese 1/4 Pounder, and Mushroom Swiss 1/4 Pounder. I've been told this ran for 2 years, but don't remember 24 burgers; supposedly the McRib was part of this.

HELP!! There is no information available on this. I have actually written McDonald's in the hopes that they will answer this question for me. I personally consider this one of the greatest ideas of McDonald's ever, as it gave a reason to go into McD's every single month.

Heck an article/post about this would make my year.

—Erik G.

Never having heard of the Burger of the Month promotion before (some "Hamburger Guru" I am), I searched around that great repository of all knowledge in the universe, "The Internet," and...I came up mostly empty handed, just like Erik. How did this happen? Internet, you are supposed to know everything! Or maybe my Googling skills aren't up to par.

What did my search uncover? This commercial for the promotion and Bacon Swiss Quarter Pounder from 1993. The description for this McCheddar commercial from 1988 says it was part of the Burger of the Month promotion as well, although it's not mentioned in the commercial.

That's all I've got. Anyone else have any more info on the Burger of the Month promotion?