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Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersHey A Hamburger Today!

I've just come across this site in my recent addiction to food blogs, and everything is making me crave a good burger right now. BUT that is not the reason why I am writing you. If you'd like to take a trip to Europe, I know of the best burger place across the pond. I studied abroad in Nantes, France, last year and was tipped off on a "resto" that had "des hamburgers americains." Intrigued, my friends and I went to this place called Burger House, a hole in the wall burger joint surrounded by kebab restos. The owner/chef is actually from Florida; he had fallen in love with a Nantais woman, married her, and followed her back to France. Unable to find a burger to satisfy his American cravings, he started Burger House with his wife and it has been a huge success!

They put a French twist on many different types of burgers: one has goat cheese (my favorite, called the San Francisco), another has brie, and the spicy burgers are toned down for French taste. But there are the American classics as well as a cold (expensive) can of Bud. The owner refuses to speak French because he wants Burger House to stay "American", which is pretty interesting since most of the population is too timid to speak English, but his wife, the native Frenchie, handles the customers.

PLEASE go visit Burger House in Nantes, France. It is très délicieuse!

Sincerely, Caitlin W.

Burger House

53 Rue du Maréchal Joffre, 44000 Nantes, France (map) 0240841216; Facebook page