Top 5: San Antonio Burger Blog's Favorite Burgers in San Antonio

Top 5

Lists of top 5 burgers.

Our Top 5 series continues with the crew behind San Antonio Burger Blog. Over the last year, they've reviewed 41 burger joints in San Antonio; here are their five favorites.


Cheese-iriffic burger from Chris Madrid's. [Photograph: San Antonio Burger Blog]

At the San Antonio Burger Blog, we tend to keep a fairly open mind when it comes to what makes a good burger. We like well seasoned, juicy burgers with toasted buns hot off the griddle or grill, and finished with fresh toppings. Some people have a very fixed idea of what constitutes a good burger (e.g., griddled vs. grilled, mustard vs. ketchup), and if a burger fails to strictly adhere to their formula, they are quick to dismiss it completely. In contrast, as long as a burger tastes great and leaves us wanting more, we're not too concerned about the minutiae. Here are some of our favorite burger joints in San Antonio.

1. Chris Madrid's

For over 30 years this family-owned San Antonio institution has been cranking out consistently delicious burgers. They serve up a perfectly seasoned beef patty in either a 1/4-pound regular size or a 1/2-pound Macho size. The beef patty is made thin, so the regular-sized patty covers the bun nicely, while the Macho-sized patty spills out over the bun like a river of delicious beef. The burger is finished off with fresh diced tomato and onion and several pickle slices, not to mention an indescribably delicious and greasy bun. Order a Cheddar Cheezy burger and you'll see a lava-like flow of cheddar cheese spilling onto your plate and burying your burger as if it were Pompeii. [Review] 1900 Blanco Road, San Antonio TX 78212 (map); 210-735-3552

2. The Lord's Kitchen

These extra fresh and greasy burgers are sacrilicious. Lord's serves up a thick patty that is juicy, well seasoned, and perfectly charred. After eating a burger at The Lord's Kitchen, you'll leave reconciled and enlightened—the Lord's superior burger quality forgives all other sins. [Review] 118 Seguin Street, San Antonio TX 78208 (map); 210-354-3888

3. Gourmet Burger Grill

The thought of a "gourmet" burger may elicit fears of a dainty little burger served on a tray with tea, but cast those fears aside. GBG brings a 1/2-pound thick, certified Angus beef, fire-grilled patty that has been marinated in deliciousness and topped off with a freshly baked artisan roll. If you're in the mood for something more exotic, you can choose from GBG's extensive menu of specialty burgers, which includes the Caprese Burger, Tropical Burger, Crab Cake Burger, Ahi Tuna Burger, Bison Burger, and Lamb Burger (to name a few), not to mention a wide variety of cheeses, toppings, and sauces. Try any one of these, and you'll soon realize that you have gone from burger lover to gourmet. [Review] 18414 US Highway 281 N, Suite 116, San Antonio TX 78258 (map); 210-545-3800;

4. Longhorn Café

Longhorn Café's signature burger, The Big Juicy, has been a favorite of San Antonio burger lovers for years, and the burger certainly lives up to its name. The flavorful beef patty is served with plenty of cheese and fresh fixings, as well as generous amounts of mayonnaise and mustard. The buns are griddled alongside the patties, giving them an irresistible greasy sheen. A shady patio dining area, complete with colored lights strung overhead and a massive metal slide for the kids, makes Longhorn Café one of the best places to relax on a mild San Antonio evening. [Review] 17625 West Blanco Road, San Antonio TX 78232 (map); 210-492-0301;

5. Fatty's Burgers and More

Fatty's serves up a solid burger, and the homemade slightly sweet and fluffy buns are the star of the show. To put it in the words of one of our bloggers who likes to abuse the vernacular, "this burger is veritable bovine-perfection." Make sure to enjoy a cup of free pinto beans while you wait for your burger (and you didn't think pinto beans went with burgers). [Review] 1624 East Commerce Street, San Antonio TX 78205 (map); 210-299-8110;