Ed Levine on Má Pêche's Burger


[Photographs: Robyn Lee

In his latest New York City restaurant review, Ed Levine reviews the burger from Má Pêche:

The Chambers burger, currently made with 33% Imperial Wagyu and 67% Niman Ranch beef, is a fabulous burger--extremely beefy, just fatty enough, plenty of salt, a great caramelized crust, and a tender interior that is not too mushy. Will it stay this way? There's no way to know, because, according to Ho, they are constantly tweaking it. Don't tweak it too much, Tien. It tastes pretty swell just the way it is.

Innards shot after the jump.


If you like thick, juicy, pink interiors, you should like this burger. The fries were great too. With cheese, the burger cost a hefty $18, but the price isn't surprising considering you're paying hotel room service prices.


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