Video: 'The Cheeseburger Show' Pairs Burgers with Fries, Beer, and Wine

AHT: Chicago

Burger reviews in the Chicago area.



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The first minute of the latest episode of The Cheeseburger Show gives us a peek into the giddy happiness French Fries and Mr. Hamburger experience while frolicking among the streets of Chicago. If you feel something funny in your heart while watching the sequence, that might be joy.

After that first minute, host Kevin Pang continues with behind-the-scene looks into the french fry-making process at The Bad Apple and, my personal favorite (at least when they're on top frying form), Five Guys. Pang also goes to Drinks Over Dearborn for alcohol-and-burger pairing suggestions. Watch the video after the jump.

Episode 10: The Perfect Strangers Show


Premiere of 'The Cheeseburger Show' from Chicago
Grilled: Kevin Pang of 'The Cheeseburger Show'