Ed Levine on Joseph Leonard's Burger


[Photograph: Adam Kuban]

In his latest New York City restaurant review, Ed Levine reviews the burger from Joseph Leonard:

I loved McDuffee's sliders, which were occasionally on the menu at Bouchon Bakery, and I'm happy to report that they might be even better as a full-sized burger ($12). The tomato marmalade, arugula, and ricotta toppings may make it sound like just another fancypants burgers, but that is so not true. McDuffee doesn't gild the lily. He takes a hunk of freshly ground non-designer 80% meat, 20% fat, choice sirloin that's pan-roasted and then finished in the salamander. If they just replaced the brioche bun with a toasted potato bun, all would be right in the world. Oh yeah, the thickish fries are perfectly fried and properly salty,

Ed also reviewed the sliders from Bouchon Bakery back in 2007.

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