Ed Levine on Dallas BBQ's Burgers


[Photographs: Robyn Lee]

In his latest New York City restaurant review, Ed Levine reviews the burgers from New York City's mini-chain Dallas BBQ:

The burgers ($7.99 and up with potato or rice) are a half-pound of ground sirloin that our server told us are ground on premises from the steak tips. Alas, the burger joined the ribs in the barely-any-flavor department.

Innards shot after the jump.


We thought the cheeseburger topped with bacon and fried onions had too much junk on it to properly rate, so we also tried a regular cheeseburger.



Alas, without the bacon or fried onions, the flavor fell flat. It was moist enough—we ordered it rare to get to the medium rare point in the photo above—but left no impression in the beefiness department. Overall, not a bad burger (at least, it was better than we thought it would be), just okay.


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