Dear AHT: Please Put Sweden (and Other Countries) on the Burger Map

Dear AHT

Recommendations, reviews, and more from the AHT inbox.

Dear AHT, Letters From Our ReadersHello,

My name is Roger from Stockholm in Sweden. I was wondering why you only have Finland in the search engine and not Sweden...In fact there is no other country from Scandinavia there.

We have a lot of nice burger places here and I don't mean Mc D or Burger King because they really suck.

I read the one about Hesburger from Finland and that was great. So now I'm goin' to write a piece about the Swedish hamburger giant MAX.

So it would be nice if you could put Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia on your map, so to speak.

Burgergreetings from Stockholm - Roger M


As much as we would love to cover the burgers of Sweden and the rest of Scandinavia on AHT, we're limited by where our correspondents are and where we take vacations to (as far as Scandinavia goes, at least I hit Iceland, eh? I'd love to take a trip to Sweden, but I doubt that's going to happen anytime soon.

For most burgers outside of the US (outside of New York City and Los Angeles, more like), we ask the AHT community to share their burger recommendations and reviews. Back in May we got a positive response to AHT reader Brad's offer to send us some burger coverage, along with an overall agreement that we should have more regional reviews from our readers. Since then, Brad supplied us with a Berkeley burger review, and a few others have also contributed great reviews of burger joints the AHT crew would not be able to visit otherwise. We're grateful that our readers are willing to share their burger knowledge with the rest of the AHT community.

Unfortunately, as Roger (and surely many others) have noticed, there's so much more that goes uncovered—international burgers in particular. If you want to help us highlight burgers around the world, please tell us! Email us at [email protected] with 500 words or less about the burger, along with photos (you know how important burger porn is to getting the salivary glands going).

If you want to think like a burger reviewer, here's the info we look out for:

  • Bun type
  • Beef-to-bun ratio: Is it just right? Is there too much of either element?
  • Cooking method: Grilled, broiled, griddled, or something else?
  • Burger style: Pub-style burger (thick, ovoid patties), fast-food style (something akin to In-N-Out), slider, or other?
  • What makes it stand out?
  • Notable sides?
  • Price
  • Address/Phone/URL

We try to eat as many burgers here without going crazy (I ate at two burger joints last weekend on a short trip to Philadelphia, woo!), but we welcome your extra eating powers. Thank you for any help you can give us!