Travel + Leisure on America's Best Burgers


Cheeseburger from Black Iron Burger in New York City.

For their June 2009 issue, Travel and Leisure lists their picks for America's best burgers. They meant to choose just 10 burgers around the country, but were inspired to pick two from New York City to make 11 burgers. Full list after the jump.

America's 11 Best Burgers

San Francisco: Burger Joint Memphis: Dyer's Burger Chicago: Duchamp New Orleans: Lüke Seattle: Quinn's Pub Austin, TX: Ranch 616 Hale’iwa, HI: Kua'Aina Sandwich Shop Washington, D.C.: Kemble Park Tavern New York City: Back Forty and Black Iron Burger Shop [AHT review: Black Iron Burger Shop] Hanover, NH: Murphy's on the Green

The only burgers I've had on this list are from Back Forty and Black Iron Burger Shop, neither of which I would choose as my favorite burger in the city. Perhaps I should try them again?

Coupled with their list of America's best burgers, Travel + Leisure also chose the best hotel room-service burgers. ...Alrighty.

Best Hotel Room-Service Burgers

New York City: Four Seasons Tokyo: Park Hyatt Mexico City: Habita Honolulu: Kahala Resort Arizona: Mii Amo at Enchantment London: The Connaught