The Lamb Burger at Bar Artisanal


This week Ed Levine reviews Bar Artisanal in Tribeca and tries their lamb burger. A lamb burger may not fit the definition of what we usually review at AHT, but when we told the chef that we had ordered the regular burger, he insisted that we had to try the lamb burger instead. Ed explains that the burger is made with "ground American lamb shoulder mixed with Salumeria Biellese's merguez" and has a "molten goat cheese center." Autopsy shot after the shot.


This was the lambiest thing I have ever eaten, and as Ed pointed out, even lambier than the lamb chops we had. It was lamb funk up the wazoo—not in a bad way, but if you don't like lamb that much, you probably shouldn't even sit near this thing. Although I don't eat lamb burgers very often, I would be surprised if any other lamb burger could surpass this one as the most moist, gamey lamb burger I've ever had.


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