What Is It with the Obamas and Burgers?!? Michelle Visits Good Stuff Eatery


After Dijongate, you'd think the White House handlers would keep the Obamas away from burger joints, but @JimmyLaSalvia tweets: "Michelle Obama was having a burger at Good Stuff hair in a ponytail."

And he's got a picture: "Michelle obama is the yellow shirt with her head cut off"

Gee, I wonder if she ordered that burger with Dijon mustard—and was she wearing $540 sneakers? [via Fred S.; thanks!]

Update: A Good Stuff publicist emails us with the deets of what Michelle Obama and crew ordered:

Michelle and crew lunched on [chef-owner] Spike [Mendelsohn]'s signature Smokehouse Burger (applewood bacon, friend egg, and brioche bun,) the Blazin' Barn (pickled daikon, carrots, mint, cilantro, Thai basil, lettuce, and spicy mayo), Free Range Turkey Burger (chunky avocado, sprouts, munster cheese, and ruby tomatoes, on a Pennsylvania Dutch whole wheat bun), the Good Stuff Melt, and, of course, the President Obama burger (a fresh farmhouse burger topped with bacon, blue cheese, Spike's homemade onion marmalade, and a horseradish mayo.)

The group also sipped on hand spun toasted marshmallow and Milky Way Malt shakes.