'Burgercon' at Shake Shack


Clockwise from left: Jackie (Burger Conquest), Robyn (AHT), J. Kenji Alt (Good Eater), Paul (BC), me, Jason (Burger of the Month), Rev (BC).

Yesterday was a momentous day in Northeast burgerdom, marked by a meeting of the burger minds. Rev from Burger Conquest had suggested a meetup of local burger bloggers. On hand were Rev, Jackie, and Paul from Burger Conquest; Jason from Burger of the Month; J. Kenji Alt, the Burger Madman of Boston (of Good Eater, Cook's Illustrated, and various insane burger exploits on AHT); and, reppin' for AHT, Robyn and me. We had also invited George "Hamburger America" Motz, Josh Ozersky, and "English Nick" Solares, but they couldn't make it.


This was a test run of sorts for two things: A regular meta meetup of burger bloggers—dubbed "Burgercon" by a friend we ran into while there—and also to re-evaluate how long it takes to go through a "looooong" Shack line on a nice day.

Why the line-testing? At some point soon, I want to do a lunchtime meetup not just of burger bloggers but burger fans in general—a sort of Shake Shack flash mob. Stay tuned for details.

So how'd it go?

Very well. There were no turf wars or dust-ups over burger preferences. Just friendly discussion about the beef-and-bun meal we love the most. I had a double cheeseburger, which was plenty juicy, had a few of crunchy bits, and tasted great after the 45-minute total wait. Robyn had a double Shackburger.

The other folks will be posting about the outing any minute now, so we'll link up to those as they appear, and you can see what they ate and what they thought of the event.

And remember—stay tuned for word of the Burgercon that will be open to everyone.

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