The Original McDonald's in San Bernardino, California


During my recent road trip to Phoenix to visit my sis (and review a burger) I convinced my passengers to let me take a slight detour through San Bernardino, California, to check out the site of the original McDonald's. You know the one. It's where Ray Kroc, enthralled by the McDonald brothers' success, decided to leave his multimixer milkshake machine sales career behind and conquer the world with hamburgers.

Of course I wanted the place to still be serving up burgers (it's not), or—at the very least—be as shiny and meticulously kept as an actual restaurant (it's definitely not). Check out some photos after the jump.






Sadly and quite surprisingly, the McDonald's Museum—a Route 66 historic site—is a run-down mess of a place. The folks who maintain it are enthusiastic and—in an even stranger turn of events—owners of a restaurant chain called Juan Pollo. They sell rotisserie chicken. It was all very confusing.