Ed Levine on Txikito's Burger


In his latest New York City restaurant review, Ed Levine reviews the burger from Txikito. He says:

The truly delicious if untraditional (it's not served in the Basque region of Spain) Txikito burger ($11) features two thin patties of well-marbled (20 percent fat) freshly ground chuck cooked a la plancha (on a flat-top griddle); melted Idiazábal, a smoked Basque sheep's milk cheese; a special sauce that according to Alex is half mayo and half creme fraiche-based with pickled guindilla peppers, pickled onions, and cornichon, all on Tom Cat Bakery bread. Wholly untraditional but seriously delicious.

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My main memory of the burger is of drippy, fatty, meat juice deliciousness unmatched by most other burgers. I craved another one pretty much right after I was done eating it.


240 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10001 (b/n 25th and 24th Streets; map) 212-242-4730

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