First Impression of Petey's Burger in Queens


Petey's Burger in Astoria, Queens, specializes in California-style burgers, à la In-N-Out (the red and yellow color palette seems to allude to the West Coast burger chain). I visited Petey's last November shortly after it first opened with the intention of returning before posting about it, but I never got around to that second visit. However, since we've recently received a handful of emails from AHT readers alerting us to Petey's existence, I'll share my first impressions, most of which are hopefully no longer valid. (Of course, we appreciate the emails! Sometimes we need that push to get things done.)


I ordered a single (it also comes in double and triple) cheeseburger, ($3.99), which came topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, raw onion, and "special sauce" on a toasted bun. Autopsy shot after the jump.


My two friends and I all thought the same thing: the patty tasted...well, not like anything since it was flavorless, and it was on the dry side. Unfortunately, much ketchup dipping occurred to make the burgers more palatable. There wasn't anything particularly remarkable about the rest of the burger—the patty is all I remember.


The french fries ($2.79) were okay, but I wouldn't order another one of their milkshakes for $4.

What are your experiences with Petey's Burger? Let me know how it's changed since November.

Petey's Burger

30-17 30th Avenue, Astoria NY 11102 (map) 718-267-6300