'International House of Hamburgers' Currently Running in Cleveland

20081103-ihoh-poster.jpgAlthough it'd be a cool name for a burger joint, International House of Hamburgers is a play, written by Cliff Hershman and directed by Chris Johnston, currently running at the Bang and Clatter Theater in Cleveland, Ohio, until November 22. Although their website only describes the play as, "A dark, comedic tale about doing your job as if your life depended on it!" this less than favorable review from Chuck Yarborough of The Plain Dealer gives a bit more information, mostly in the form of burger-related puns. It seems like the most fun Yarborough got out of seeing the play was being able to compare it to a burger:

The preview performance stumbled as scenes seemed to slide from medium rare to well done to overdone. McNally's Matthew in particular seemed more ham than burger. Though he had moments of conveying angst, for the most part it felt like he was tofu in a part that needed beef. Loud is not the same as intense.

There's no mention of real burgers being given to the audience, but there is a grill that "fills the air with the scent of grilling burgers." Tickets are $15 or "pay-as-you-go" for students and seniors.