Ed Levine on West Branch's Burger


In his latest New York City restaurant review, Ed Levine reviews the burger at West Branch. He says,

The fancypants burger ($16) is a fine, fine burger specimen, though it strikes me as the one discordant, out of step with the times-priced item on the menu. It's made with ground in-house chuck with a secret ingredient divulged to me with the promise that I would never reveal it. All I can say is that the secret ingredient adds a fine, funky tang to the burger. The fries that come with the burger are of the excellent, not-too-thick-not-too-thin variety, and the housemade pickle is a lovely touch.

Check out the autopsy shot, after the jump.


I took this photo on a separate visit from Ed's; he said that my burger looks more densely packed and less juicy than the one he ate. Overall, my burger experience wasn't as great as his. West Branch has only been open for a few weeks, so in time they'll hopefully have a consistently delicious burger.