The Slowburger, One of Portland's Best Burgers and Cheap Eats

20081010-portlandmonthly.jpgThe Slowburger at Slow Bar in Portland, Oregon, made the cover of Portland Monthly back in June (hey, better late than never) as one of the 25 best meals for under $25.

The Slowburger, which will only set you back $9, consists of a griddled eight-ounce patty of Strawberry Mountain natural beef, gruyère, two onion rings, butter lettuce, and pickle relish in a brioche bun. How do you eat such an insanely tall burger? Portland Monthly recommends taking out an onion ring and eating it separately; "Leave the second ring in the burger to provide crunchy texture and sweet flavor to the peerless ensemble." [Tip 'o the hat to: Larry Fire]