A Little Follow-Up with Jason Kottke


Jason Kottke, enjoying a Shack Burger in 2007 on the Shake Shack's opening day, back when it used to close for winter.

On this date three years ago, überblogger Jason Kottke posted:

A list of excellent hamburgers to be found in NYC. For more on NYC burgers, check out A Hamburger Today. I still maintain that NYC isn't a burger town, although with all the recent activity, it may be one soon.

So we asked him: What's the word these days, Jason?

His reply:

Maybe. It's hard to think of NYC as a [fill-in-the-blank] town for things other than media, fashion, and finance. Oh, and pizza. Maybe it's the pizza thing; like you can't have one city being known primarily for two different foods.

That said, the Shack Burger is and may always be my favorite hamburger on earth, so I'm glad I live only 11 blocks away from it.

Shake Shack

Southeast corner of Madison Square Park