In Videos: 12-Mile Walk for Free Cheeseburger

Or, 'Will Walk for Food'


NBC 25 in Hagerstown, Maryland, has a great story about a guy who's really serious about his cheeseburgers. Justin Clarambeau of Washington County, Maryland, listened as his coworker hyped the cheeseburger at the Battleview Market in Sharpsburg, Maryland. It sounded pretty darn good to him, but there was one problem. Dude doesn't drive.

He calls the restaurant, asks them to deliver. They won't. But they struck up a deal. If he'd walk the 12 miles to the restaurant, they'd give him his cheeseburger meal free.

What the article doesn't mention is how long it took him. With average walking speed considered to be 2 to 3 mph, it must have taken him anywhere between four and six hours. After the jump, the video. But first, a question for you, serious eaters: Is there any food item you would walk 12 miles for? What is it?

Man Walks 12 Miles for Free Cheeseburger