Danyelle 'Restaurant Girl' Freeman on the Best Sliders in the City


Shopsin's sliders are as good or better than many on Danyelle Freeman's list.

Danyelle "Restaurant Girl" Freeman comes correct with her list of the best sliders in the city.

  • Rare Bar & Grill
  • The Stanton Social
  • Wall Street Burger Shoppe
  • David Burke at Bloomindales
  • Little Owl
  • Blue Water Grill
  • Swifty’s
  • Stand

Sliders are pretty much my favorite form of burger, so it's always great to read someone else's list. I like her choices of Burke Box, Rare, and Stand, but I'm not sure if the Little Owl is a slider slider. It's a meatball on a bun, not a burger. I'm also not that keen on Stanton Social's Kobe sliders, as they suffer from all the faults that Kobe burgers do. Meh.

The Blue Water Grill's mini lobster roll is not a slider in the least, and Swifty's, though it sounds intriguing, doesn't even place its patties on buns, so they don't even qualify as sandwiches, much less sliders.

Two obvious omissions are the sliders at Shopsin's and the O.G., the Original Gutbomb, the little lovlies at White Castle. [via Serious Eats New York]