Celebrities Get Free Burgers with Burger King Crown Gold Card

bkcard.jpgIn a recent London Times interview, House star Hugh Laurie mentioned one perk of his celebrity status was his Burger King gold card, granting him a limitless supply of free burgers.

The kicker? Laurie didn't even own one! His mention of the card, however, has gotten Burger King a lot more attention than expected, and soon he'll be joining the other 11 celebrities who are BK Crown cardholders, which include Jay Leno, Jennifer Hudson, and George Lucas.

The card was originally made available to the public back in 2006, but in reality is no more than a glorified gift card; only the famous people get the gold card perk. Celebrities who are "good friends" of the brand and have "long-standing relationships" have been presented with the card. Jennifer Hudson, for example, was a former employee at Burger King before making it big, and George Lucas always partners with the fast food chain for movie release tie-ins. Robert Downey, Jr. received a card after mentioning Burger King in interviews when he was promoting Iron Man (after all, his character Tony Stark was fiendin' for a BK cheeseburger). Jay Leno describes the reaction upon flashing his Crown Card:

"So I order my food, and the guy says, 'That's $11.' So I say: 'Fine, here you go,' and hand him the card. His reaction was amazing: 'Whoa... where'd you get this?' He was not impressed that I was on 'The Tonight Show' or even that I was driving a Porsche Carrera GT. He was more impressed with this piece of plastic."

You too can earn the admiration of your peers and say you're a proud BK Crown Card holder (because, you know, "prepaid gift card" sounds a little boring and unoriginal) by getting one from bkcrowncard.com.