$175 Burger on 'Colbert Report' Last Night


You might have just caught Stephen Colbert mention the $175 burger in New York on Monday's Colbert Report. He is, of course, talking about the foie-gras-and-gold-leaf-topped Kobe burger from The Wall Street Burger Shoppe.

Some of you might recall that the blog Eater "deathwatched" Burger Shoppe on Friday.

Now, nation, I'm no fan of the Wall Street Burger Shoppe, but I'm going to have to give Eater a wag of the finger here in light of this news.

Because everyone knows that the Colbert Bump supersedes an Eater Deathwatch. Jimmy, roll the clip after the jump.

Link: $175 Burger on Colbert [RedLasso]

The Wall Street Burger Shoppe

30 Water Street, New York NY 10004 (b/n Broad Street and Coenties Slip; map) 212-425-1000
Reviewed on AHT: 3/31/2008

P.S.: President Bush, have a hot dog with me!