Topeka, Kansas: Bobo's Drive-In on Guy Fieri's 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'


As ElCapitan points out in an AHT comment, Bobo's Drive-In, one of my favorite burger joints, went in for the star treatment Monday night on Guy Fieri's Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or, as it's sometimes known, DDD.

I'd been on the fence about Fieri since I started watching his show. He sometimes seems to condescend a bit to the TV audience and the folks he's profiling. But after watching him in action at Bobo's, I've come around. He really manages to convey the specialness of this old-school Topeka, Kansas, drive-in burger joint. And when he picked up on my favorite quality of Bobo's burgers—the great crisp crust seared into it on the hot flat top griddle—my reservations slipped away. After the jump, peep the vid.


1953: Bob Bobo started serving his aunt and mom's original recipes at his eponymous drive-in.

May 2007: Richard and Tricia Marsh buy the place from Bob Humes, who owned it for 19 years. They had no food-business experience but had the original recipes and as longtime fans vowed not to change a thing.

Experienced Staff: It includes one woman who's been there since 1958 as well as 34-year veteran and night manager Betty Ramsey, who moved to Topeka from England and has a charming accent that's a peculiar blend of British and Kansas accents.

The Smash: The secret behind the great crust? The smash-down.

Awesome Onion Rings: Guy reveals almost all the secrets behind the really good rings—except the exact recipes.

The Spanish Burger: Says Guy, "A Spanish Burger, made by a woman from England, in Kansas. That's kinda like the U.N. of food." And, "It's kinda like a sloppy joe but without being ground up."


Bobo's Drive-In; Topeka, Kansas
On Smashburger and Smashed Burgers in General

Bobo's Drive-In

2300 SW 10th Avenue, Topeka KS 66604 (map) 785-234-4511
Short Order: Fresh, not frozen. Coarse grind. Thin patties with a salty crisp exterior. Make yours a double
You Want Fries With That? Beats me. I never get them here. Why? Because the onion rings are awesome