Burger King to Offer Six Packs in the U.K.

20080522-bkuk.jpgA six pack of burgers, that is. Not content with offering the more well-heeled denizens of tony Knightsbridge London an £85 sterling Kobe burger, Burger King is offering the rest of the nation a chance at overindulgence in the caloric rather than the financial department. The 6 Pack is actually one large patty sandwiched between six mini buns all attached to each other. Although the buns are joined together, BK has attempted to allay the concerns raised by health advocacy groups who balk at the 6 Pack's 917 calories by claiming that it's designed to "tear and share." Of course the fact that BK is offering a meal deal that comes packaged with a single drink and an order of fries indicates that the chain is at least anticipating some people will make the 6 Pack a single-user product.