Five Guys Open in Brooklyn Heights

Friend of AHT George "Hamburger America" Motz sent us the following photos and observations on the recently opened Five Guys in Brooklyn Heights. He went yesterday. —The Mgmt.

20070702fiveguysext.jpgFive Guys
Address: 138 Montague Street, Brooklyn NY 11201
Phone: 718-797-9380
Fax: 718-797-9381
Notes: "We are getting the sign next week," the owner told me. Kind of an odd, but super busy location two blocks from the courthouse on Montague Street.

20070702fiveguysint.jpg Not too big, but PACKED for lunch 15 minutes before I took this pic.

20070702fiveguysburger.jpg Ask for a cheeseburger and you automatically get a double. Mine had pickles and mustard. Just look at that glorious heap of goodness.

20070702fiveguysline.jpg Huge crew, efficient assembly line

20070702fiveguyspeanuts.jpg I forgot about their peanut thing. They encourage you to grab a handful of free peanuts at the door and toss the shells on the floor.

I like Brooklyn Heights Blog's take on it: "The competitive advantage that FGBF has over other burger chains is that it appears they may have some sort of "screening process" for their employees. The lovely ladies who took my order were helpful and patient and the kitchen crew were working together like a well oiled machine."

That was pretty much our take on the chain when we visited the location in College Point, Queens, back in early May.