Royale: The Best New Burger in New York?

New York Times writer Peter Meehan says he's found the best new burger in the Big Apple:

With the glut of big-name burger openings recently, and the spate that are promised this fall, it was a surprise to find that the city’s best new hamburger isn’t the handiwork of some fancypants chef. It was also surprising to see that the place serving it isn’t as much a restaurant as it is a bar, Royale, on Avenue C in the East Village....

If the dozens of Royales I sampled are an indication, they are broiled with remarkable accuracy. Medium-rare burgers came with the same first-rate broiler char that medium-well burgers had, and were moist and properly underdone within. The fatty patties fare well under the broiler: they have juiciness to spare.

Address: 157 Avenue C (East 10th Street; East Village) [map]
Phone: 212-254-6600

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