The Skookum Chief: the Best Burger in North Vancouver?

Location: 1550 Philip Ave., North Vancouver, B.C. [map]
Phone: 604-988-2612


Friend of AHT Tangiene P. of Vancouver, B.C., took this photo. She says, "Here is the 'Skookum Chief Burger' from Tomahawk restaurant in North Vancouver. It has wieners, ham, egg, burger patty, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickle, and onion."

Though she didn't state it explicitly, the subject line of her email was "The best burger in North Vancouver."

That's a honkin' load of meat, T.P. Thanks for the pic.

UPDATE: Making what looks like a great burger even better, a tipster tells us that Tomahawk uses fresh, organic beef from the Blue Goose Cattle Company in British Columbia.