Brown Bag Burgers

Entry by Honey P.

So, apparently some kids in the UK have "burger vans" at their schools in lieu of working kitchens—lucky brats! According to a daily across the pond, not everyone is so happy about this, including one mother who credits celeb chef Jamie Oliver with opening her eyes to the "horrors" of free school meals. "I don't want [my kid] eating burgers and fried food every day at school," says concerned mother Dana Buchanan.

20050408jaimie.jpgWe know Mr. Oliver has been on his "Feed Me Better" crusade for the better part of 2005, however, we sure didn't know that this meant attacking what might just be the finest school cafeteria system we've ever heard of. Just check out the high-quality lunch-tray specimen found on his site (right).

Now it could be said that this reporter has a soft spot for Mr. Oliver, with his lispy botched Brit speak and wacky kitchen antics. So it wouldn’t be in one's favor to suggest anything ill of our chef, yet we couldn’t help but notice the extreme popularity of his Channel 4 show about this topic, Jamie's School Dinners, which is expected to launch stateside eventually. Food Network fodder for sure. We didn't think the Naked Chef could be more exposed.

So no real discredit to Mr. Oliver for tryin' to feed the children. Although, might we suggest healthy teeth and body odor crusades in addition? But seriously, mobile burger vans? Now that's street food at its finest.

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