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Burger City Guides: Brian Huskey's Favorite Burgers in Los Angeles

AHT: Los Angeles Erin Jackson Post a comment

Brian Huskey (Top Chef Season 11 and R&D Chef at three Peruvian restaurants in LA) lets us in on his top five burgers in Los Angeles. More

Burger City Guides: Carrie Mashaney's Favorite Burgers in Seattle

Top 5 Erin Jackson 5 comments

Carrie Mashaney (Top Chef Season 11 and Chef de Cuisine at Aragona) shares her top five favorite burgers in Seattle, ranging from a deep-fried patty topped with wasabi coleslaw to a classic, all-American burger with loads of secret sauce. More

Burger City Guides: Sara Johannes' Favorite Burgers in Milwaukee

Top 5 Erin Jackson 7 comments

Sara Johannes (Top Chef, Season 11 and Executive Chef at Shoyu, MSP Airport) lets us in on her top five favorite burgers in Milwaukee. More

Burger City Guides: Jamie Bissonnette's Favorite Burgers in Boston

Top 5 Erin Jackson 6 comments

Jamie Bissonnette, chef/owner of Coppa, a cozy enoteca in Boston and Toro, a tapas bar and restaurant with locations in Boston and South Chelsea, NYC shares his top five burger picks in Boston. More

Burger City Guides: Anthony Meidenbauer's Favorite Burgers in Las Vegas

Top 5 Erin Jackson 5 comments

Vegas is a big burger town, but with the average price of a burger and fries hovering around $18 at most restaurants on the strip, it's not the place to roll the dice. To help steer you towards some of the city's best burgers, we turned to Anthony Meidenbauer, Executive Chef at Holsteins. More

Burger City Guides: Paul McCabe's Favorite Burgers in Phoenix

Top 5 Erin Jackson 5 comments

Paul McCabe, Executive Chef at The Royal Palms Resort and Spa (including on-site restaurant T. Cook's) lets us in on his top 5 burgers in the Phoenix area. More

Scott Slater's Top 5 Burgers in Orange County, CA

Top 5 Erin Jackson 6 comments

Scott Slater (of Slater's 50/50) lets us in on his top five favorite burgers in Orange County, CA. More

Burger City Guides: Bryan Caswell's Favorite Burgers in Houston

Top 5 Erin Jackson 3 comments

Bryan Caswell fills us in on his top five burgers in Houston, from a traditional patty melt to a triple jalapeño'ed "belly burner". More

Burger City Guides: Jason Dady's Favorite Burgers in San Antonio

Top 5 Erin Jackson 3 comments

When he's not in the kitchens of the five restaurants he oversees in San Antonio, there's a good chance Jason Dady is eating a burger. And, judging by his precise list of preferences, he might just be "one of us." More

Burger City Guides: Andrew Zimmern's Favorite Burgers in Minneapolis

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Andrew Zimmern may have an adventurous appetite, but when it comes to burgers, he likes 'em plain and simple. Find out his top 5 favorites in Minneapolis. More

Burger City Guides: Nadia G.'s Favorite Burgers in Montreal

Top 5 Erin Jackson 9 comments

Nadia G. may be best known for cracking wise and cooking up a storm in a candy-colored kitchen, but the host and creator of Nadia G's Bitchin' Kitchen (now in its third season on the Cooking Channel) is also a big burger fan. We asked for her top five picks in her hometown of Montreal. More

Burger City Guides: Michael Mina's Favorite Burgers in San Francisco

AHT: San Francisco Allegra Ben-Amotz 3 comments

Although chef Michael Mina has restaurants all over the country, he's chosen the Bay Area as a home base to grow his website Cook Taste Eat and to keep close to some of the burgers he loves best. Here are five of his favorite burgers in San Francisco. More

Burger City Guides: Hugh Acheson's Favorite Burgers in Athens, GA

Top 5 Allegra Ben-Amotz 7 comments

Born and raised in Ottawa, Canada, Hugh Acheson has made a name for himself as a true American chef. He went straight for the heart—and gullet—of our country's food scene: the South. The Top Chef judge has won two James Beard awards, one for his cookbook A New Turn in the South, and one for Best Chef Southeast, and he is the chef/partner of the Athens, Georgia, restaurants Five and Ten and The National, as well as the Atlanta restaurant Empire State South. Here are four of his favorite burgers in his hometown of Athens. More

Burger City Guides: Jason McLeod's Favorite Burgers in San Diego

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 6 comments

Jason McLeod is San Diego's first Michelin-starred chef, but he's not above naming In-N-Out's Double-Double (Animal Style) as his go-to burger. When he's not scarfing down mustard-grilled patties, he loves a good, classic burger on a top-notch bun, preferably topped with some unique pickles. Read on for his top five burger picks in San Diego. More

Burger City Guides: George Motz's Favorite Burgers in Brooklyn

AHT: New York Allegra Ben-Amotz 5 comments

AHT pal and burger expert George Motz, the creator of the documentary film Hamburger America as well as a book of the same name, has earned his stripes. In his own words, here are George's current top five favorite burgers in Brooklyn, in no specific order. More

Burger City Guides: Michael Solomonov's Favorite Burgers in Philadelphia

AHT: Philadelphia Allegra Ben-Amotz 3 comments

When James Beard award-winning chef Michael Solomonov isn't testing our kosher hamburger recipes, he has no problem scarfing down a good bacon cheeseburger in his hometown. Here are five of his favorite burgers in Philadelphia. More

Burger City Guides: Adam Sobel's Favorite Burgers in Washington, D.C.

Top 5 Allegra Ben-Amotz 7 comments

As executive chef of Michael Mina's Bourbon Steak in Georgetown, Adam Sobel is responsible for no less than five burgers on the menu. Interestingly, only one of those involves beef, but boy, is it a beef burger (think brisket, short rib, and chuck, blended and cooked over a wood fire, then brushed with red wine butter). Since we're fans of Adam's burger, we asked him for his top five favorite burgers in the capital. More

Burger City Guides: Bryce Gilmore's Favorite Burgers in Austin

Top 5 Allegra Ben-Amotz 7 comments

Austin-based, James Beard-nominated chef Bryce Gilmore of Barley Swine is spreading the gospel of organic, ethical—and delicious—food. The young chef was kind enough to share five delicious burgers that he deems worthy of his city's standards. More

Burger City Guides: Linton Hopkins' Favorite Burgers in Atlanta

AHT: Atlanta Allegra Ben-Amotz Post a comment

James Beard Award-winning Atlanta chef Linton Hopkins has captivated reviewers and satiated Southerners with his gastropub Holeman & Finch—and its limited-edition burger, served only after 10 p.m. each night (and during Sunday brunch). He's passionate about food, about Atlanta, and about burgers: He's said a good cheeseburger is one of his ideal meals. Read on for Linton's top five burgers in Georgia's capital. More

Burger City Guides: Kenny Bowers' Favorite Burgers in Dallas-Fort Worth

AHT: Dallas Allegra Ben-Amotz 5 comments

Boston native Kenny Bowers has been a fixture of the Dallas food scene for so long—going on 20 years—he's practically a true Texan. The chef's Frisco burger joint has received rave reviews and shows no signs of slowing. Kenny is in Dallas to stay, and after taking his top five tour, you just might be convinced to stick around, too. More

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