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Brooklyn: Great Burgers Near the River's Edge at That Burger Tent

That Burger Tent might be something you either roll your eyes at or go gaga for, depending on your tolerance for trends. Let's count 'em: 1) burgers 2) Pat La Frieda burgers 3) pop-up food vendor 4) located at a hipster flea market. But even the most cynical burger-eater out there would have to give it up for burgermeister Dan Petersen's little burger operation, located just outside Williamsburg's Artists & Fleas on North 7th Street, near East River State Park. These burgers are all that. More

Brooklyn: Cheeseburger at The Commodore

I sought out the cheeseburger at The Commodore mostly because AHT-er SoundBitesNYC mentioned this burger in the comments of AHT four times since July. (SoundBitesNYC, I await your next fervent recommendation.) Not that he's the only admirer; Time Out chose it as one of the city's best new burgers, and Village Voice food critic Robert Sietsema said in his review, "The hamburger may be the best I've eaten this year." More

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