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Video: All Bacon Burger on 'Epic Meal Time'

Erin Jackson 13 comments

Everything on Epic Meal Time's latest burger creation is wrapped in bacon—including the ketchup and mustard. More

Watch Dennis Lee Dig Himself Into a Hole of Loneliness As He Eats By Himself at White Castle

Robyn Lee 27 comments

You may think you know Serious Eats contributor Dennis Lee pretty well from reading his reviews of burgers, Chicago lunches, and chain pizza, but you can't truly know Dennis until you've watched him eat at White Castle by himself. More

Cute Alert: Two Cats Battle Over Bed That Looks Like a Burger

Erin Jackson 7 comments

Maru and Hana prove that when you bring a bed that looks like burger buns into a house with two cats, cute things are bound to happen. More

'Bob's Burgers' Renewed for a 5th Season

Erin Jackson 7 comments

Bob's Burgers is back on the air and has already been renewed for a fifth season of 22 new episodes. A clip of the season four premiere and some of our favorite 'Bob's Burgers' moments are right this way. More

Food Contamination Confirmed at Cronut Burger Vendor in Toronto

Erin Jackson 8 comments

Cronut burgers will not be available at the Canadian National Exhibition in Toronto until further notice, but you can still take a closer look (from a safe distance) at the sweet-meets-savory creation in a video review by the Globe and Mail. More

The Monkey Style Burger, an In-N-Out Burger Topped with Animal Style Fries

Robyn Lee 15 comments

Try to order a Monkey Style burger at In-N-Out and you'll be refused. But you can order Animal Style fries (fries topped with cheese, spread, and grilled onions) and a burger separately and combined them yourself. More

Video: Behind the Scenes Look at McDonald's on 'Nightline'

Robyn Lee 14 comments

While McDonald's may not be known for deliciousness, "Their competitive advantage is ubiquity, speed, and consistency," as John said in his Angus Snack Wrap review. Get a look at how they feed 60 million people a day in last... More

Watch the White Castle Episode of 'Undercover Boss' Online

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Get a behind-the-scenes look at White Castle by watching the latest episode of Undercover Boss online at cbs.com featuring White Castle co-owner Dave Rife as he works undercover with his employees.... More

I Would Melt 4 U

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Darlin' if U want me 2 (possibly NSFW, depending on how uptight your Wplace is): Via Josh "Mr. Cutlets" Ozersky, who says, "This is the most mind-bendingly erotic thing I've ever seen." Agreed. That is one sexy mofo of a... More

David Hasselhoff Tape

Adam Kuban 2 comments

AHT reader Nick alerted me to this video here, saying, "David Hasselhoff celebrates national hamburger month." Heh, heh. That's pretty funny. But, as Elvis Presley once sang, "Don't be cruel to a heart that's true." And who but Michael Knight... More

'World's Largest Homeade Bacon Cheeseburger'

Adam Kuban Post a comment

The Burger Museum: Weirdest Collection Ever

Adam Kuban 2 comments

I don't know what's scarier, that this guy has been saving McDonald's burgers for 18 years in his basement, unrefrigerated, or that the burgers still "look exactly the same." [via Jason Perlow]... More

Burgervision: Charles Collins of the Apple Pan

Adam Kuban 1 comment

The Apple Pan, an institution of a burger joint in Los Angeles (covered here on AHT), opened in 1947. For 50 of its 60 years in business, Charles Collins has worked there. Burger documentarian George "Hamburger America" Motz catches up... More

George Motz on ABC News: 'The Battle of the Burgers'

Adam Kuban Post a comment

The other week, we mentioned that our friend George Motz would be on ABC news discussing burgers. Here's a clip of his appearance: A Major Beef! Who Invented the Hamburger? [ABCnews.com]... More

The Burger Birthplace Battle: New Haven Fires Back

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Photograph from the Flickr photostream of the real janelle Remember all that hullaballo about the birthplace of the burger? How New Haven, Connecticut, and Athens, Texas, were going back and forth on this? How Josh "Mr. Cutlets" Ozersky wrote... More

Roadfood at Louis' Lunch

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Dear AHT readers, Wassup?!? Adam here. So I've mentioned it before, and blah blah blah, but A Hamburger Today is now part of SeriousEats.com, where I'm working as managing editor. No reason to worry that this site will change in... More

Wine with Burgers?

Adam Kuban Closed

Some would argue that the best drink to pair with a burger is an ice-cold Coca-Cola or a frosty mug of beer. I would argue that the ideal beverage is Dr Pepper, as it's my favorite soft drink. But if... More

Burger Comedy Sketch

Adam Kuban Post a comment

Last week, the "Hamburgirl" and I went to see comedy troupe Toy Gun Assassins perform. The Assassins did a sketch in which the components of a BK burger—meat, bun, bacon, and cheese—were personified as attendees of an R&D meeting whose... More

Dyer's Hamburgers; Memphis, Tennessee

Adam Kuban 3 comments

Here's a fun one from the mailbag ... Dear AHT: Dyer's Hamburgers in Memphis TN featured on Food Network cooks there hamburgers in a skillet with ancient grease. When they moved from their old location, they actually had the Memphis... More

Hamburger America: 'Solly's Grille'

Adam Kuban 1 comment

Over on A Hamburger Today parent site Serious Eats, we've got a great video of Glendale, Wisconsin's Solly's Grille from George Motz's burger biopic Hamburger America. Solly's Grille, located incongruously next to the Milwaukee Heart Hospital, is famous for the... More

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