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A Hamburger Tuesday: Turkey Burger Roundup

A Hamburger Tuesday Erin Jackson 4 comments

Earlier this month, we put out a call for your homemade turkey burgers, and the AHT community responded with submissions that range from quick and easy to totally inspired. Take a look! More

Reality Check: Jalapeño Turkey Burger from Hardee's & Carl's Jr.

Reality Check Todd Brock 10 comments

The Jalapeño Turkey Burger is one of the worst burgers I've attempted to eat in recent memory. More

Los Angeles: The Truly Great Thanksgiving Turkey Burger at The Oinkster

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto Post a comment

One of the best beef burger spots in Los Angeles conquers the turkey burger for Thanksgiving. More

Milwaukee: Mason Street Grill's Sunday Night Burgers Are Some of the Best Around

AHT: Milwaukee Lacey Muszynski 2 comments

During Mason Street Grill's Sunday-only burger nights, you can choose from four of the best and least talked about burgers in the city. More

San Diego: Thanksgiving Burger at Slater's 50/50

AHT: San Diego Erin Jackson 6 comments

The aptly-named Thanksgiving Burger at Slater's 50/50 is topped with stuffing, cranberry sauce, sage mayo, and turkey gravy. More

Video: Nick Offerman Making a Ron Swanson Turkey Burger

Robyn Lee 4 comments

The circle is complete. First Parks and Recreation unveiled the Ron Swanson Turkey Burger—a burger with a fried turkey leg center—then Eater made the fictional burger a reality, and finally, the real life Ron Swanson, actor Nick Offerman, made a real life Ron Swanson burger on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. And cut it in half with a crosscut saw. [via Eater] More

Reality Check: Hardee's Turkey Burgers

Reality Check John M. Edwards 18 comments

Hardee's pitches their turkey burgers as "just as indulgent as our other burgers, but all under 500 calories"; each sandwich, they claim, "is prepared with a thick, juicy turkey patty." Don't believe a word of it. More

Photo of the Day: The Making of a Ron Swanson Turkey Burger

Robyn Lee 1 comment

[Photograph: Paula Forbes / Eater] Last week on Parks and Recreation, Ron Swanson revealed the extent of his turkey burger knowledge: "Is that a fried turkey leg inside a grilled hamburger?" If it weren't real before, it is now,... More

Video: Hamburgers vs. Turkey Burgers on 'Parks and Recreation'

Robyn Lee 7 comments

On last night's episode of Parks and Recreation, Chris Traeger (Rob Lowe) challenges Ron Swanson (Nick Offerman) to a burger-making contest after Traeger claims that he can make a turkey burger that tastes better than any burger Swanson has ever eaten. If Traeger loses, he won't ban Swanson's beloved hamburgers from the commissary as part of a government-wide health initiative. More

Video: Carl's Jr.'s Turkey Burger Commercial with Miss Turkey

Robyn Lee 5 comments

As they're wont to do, Carl's Jr. is promoting their new line of charbroiled turkey burgers with a commercial featuring a bikini-clad woman eating a burger. But not just any woman: They got Miss Turkey, Gizem Memiç, to eat their turkey burger. And it's not just any bikini: This bikini's pattern is made up of tiny pictures of the burger. If you forget what this commercial is promoting, you're probably not paying any attention. More

The Burger Lab: Turkey Burgers That Don't Suck

The Burger Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 43 comments

Why bother with a turkey burger? If the ones I've had in the past are any indication, the answer is simple: don't. But I finally discovered how to make a turkey burger that doesn't suck. The secret ingredient? Eggplant. More

The Burger at The 101 Coffee Shop in Hollywood Is a Bit of a Turkey

AHT: Los Angeles Damon Gambuto 10 comments

The 101 Coffee Shop 6145 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles California 90028 (map); the101coffeeshop.com Cooking Method: Grillled Short Order: A retro Hollywood diner burger that looks better than it tastes Want Fries with That? They are creative in that they're... More

Air Force One Serves Turkey Burgers

Adam Kuban Post a comment

It's probably a safe bet that Air Force One serves better food than a standard American Airlines flight, but did you know that under Dubya turkey burgers are available? Says former president William Jefferson Clinton, after having flown to Rome... More

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