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Atlanta: The Carpetbagger from Edgewood Corner Tavern

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 14 comments

Lots of people hear about the Carpetbagger and write it off as as a stunt. Lots of people are idiots. This is a superbly tasty stunt that surprises with how genuinely spectacular it really is. More

Minneapolis: Surprise Winner in the Battle of Juicy Lucys Between 5-8 Club and Matt's Bar

Daniel Zemans 44 comments

I went to Minneapolis eager to weigh in on the longstanding battle between Matt's Bar and 5-8 Club for Juicy Lucy supremacy. Both places had their strong points, but picking a winner turned out to be surprisingly easy. More

Atlanta: Shrimp & Grits Stuffed Burger at The Nook on Piedmont Park

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 8 comments

The Shrimp & Grits Stuffed Burger at The Nook on Piedmont Park is a very good burger, and one I'd eat again, but the giant hunks of sausage—still in their casing—that are folded into the beef result in a patty that may involve freezing mid-chew and making that wide-eyed "What the hell did I just bite into?" face. More

Video: David Arnold's Burger of the Future, the Soup Dumpling Burger

Robyn Lee 7 comments

The last time we saw burger crafting at the hands of Dave Arnold, Director of Culinary Technology at the French Culinary Institute and an author of FCI's food tech blog Cooking Issues, he had flash-fried it, cooked it in a bag of butter in a circulator, then flash-fried it again. That technique, and then some, comes up again in his interpretation of the "burger of the future," the Soup Dumping Burger. More

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