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Blogwatch: The Paupered Chef Investigates the Smash Technique

Adam Kuban 7 comments

I love this "smash burger" blog post by Nick Kindelsperger on the Paupered Chef (Nick also co-writes Serious Eats' Dinner Tonight column.) Nick does an in-depth study of the "smash technique," a method of cooking burgers that is seemingly... More

In Videos: How the Shake Shack Makes Its Burgers

Adam Kuban 23 comments

Here's a neat video made by Josh "Mister Cutlets" Ozersky showing the Shake Shack cooking process. I like the little inset "burger cam" that appears as the patty is slapped on the griddle. The video illuminates a process that is... More

Five Guys Park Slope, Opening Day

Adam Kuban 21 comments

Five Guys, Park Slope. As the Eater blog would say, "CERTIFIED OPEN." Just got back from lunch with the First Family of Burgers—George Motz, his wife, and their two kids (read George's account here). I had a "cheeseburger." If... More

Topeka, Kansas: Bobo's Drive-In on Guy Fieri's 'Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives'

Adam Kuban 18 comments

As ElCapitan points out in an AHT comment, Bobo's Drive-In, one of my favorite burger joints, went in for the star treatment Monday night on Guy Fieri's Food Network show Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives or, as it's sometimes known,... More

On Smashburger and Smashed Burgers in General

Adam Kuban 18 comments

Word from Nancy Luna, the Fast Food Maven, is that Smashburger, a Denver-based burger chain started by the founder of Quiznos, has raised $15 million to expand the concept nationally with as many as 500 outlets. And what's the... More

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