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Green Curry Burger Wins $100,000 in the Sutter Home Build a Better Burger Contest

Robyn Lee 8 comments

The winning recipe for 7 Train Caramelized Green Curry Burgers features beef patties mixed with pancetta fat and basted in green curry glaze, crispy watercress salad, and fried pancetta, all sandwiched between toasted bun halves that get spread with minted basil aioli and dipped in chopped roasted cashews. More

Serious Entertaining: Backyard Burger Bash

J. Kenji López-Alt 5 comments

You know what spring means? Grilling season is upon us. That means quiet weeknights on the deck scarfing down grilled pizza and sipping on beer with the dogs and wife, or long lazy Sundays grilling burgers with friends. Getting yourself a menu and prepping a bit in advance will help to ensure that those Sundays are as lazy as they can possibly be. Here's how I do it. More

Burger Ideas for Thanksgiving

Robyn Lee Post a comment

If you want to incorporate burgers into your Thanksgiving dinner, try making turkey burgers topped with Thanksgiving-themed fixings, or burger stuffing. More

33 Great Sauce Recipes for Burgers

Robyn Lee 10 comments

Ketchup, mustard, and Thousand Island get most of the action when it comes to adding sauce to a burger, but why stop there? Try making barbecue sauce, ranch, Thai sweet chili, pesto, and more (along with the classics) with these recipes. More

French Fry Recipes for National French Fry Day

Robyn Lee 1 comment

To the person who decided July 13 should be National French Fry Day: thank you. Celebrate one of burger's best friends by going out for some good fries (fast food's cool, too) or making them at home with these recipes and techniques. More

Burger Recipes and Cooking Tips for the Fourth of July

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Still scrambling for burger ideas for tomorrow's holiday? Here's a list of awesome burger recipes and cooking tips from J. Kenji Lopez-Alt, our Burger Lab expert. More

Burger-inspired Recipe: Burger + Pierogi = Burogi

Robyn Lee 7 comments

If this were just called a burger dumpling, it wouldn't be as intriguing. But when you can name something a portmanteau, you should—and thus the burogi was born. Food blog Grand Appetite has the recipe for this marriage of cheeseburger and pierogi. More

22 Burger Recipes For National Burger Month

J. Kenji López-Alt 8 comments

Here are 22 burger recipes that run the gamut form simple to complex, with representation from around the country, breaking regional borders, and indeed inter-species relations. Perhaps burgers are the key to world peace. Check out the individual recipes here, or click through the slideshow for a bigger look at the goods. More

Burger-inspired Recipe: Cheeseburger Salad

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Chopped lettuce leaves + ground beef cooked with ketchup, yellow and spicy mustards, and barbecue sauce + diced tomatoes + cubed pickles + sliced red onion + hamburger bun croutons + grated cheddar = cheeseburger salad. (No Thousand Island dressing though; maybe that's overkill.) Ree Drummond of The Pioneer Woman has the recipe with loads of photos on her blog. More

Recipe for Deep Fried, Breaded Cheeseburgers from Behind the Bite

Robyn Lee 4 comments

In his food blog Behind the Bites, Justin Gilbert shares engaging visual one-page recipes that go beyond your basic step-by-step photos. You may not need to see how ingredients are layered in a BBQ Crispy Chicken Wrap or see every ingredient in beef stew, but it makes the recipes easier to follow. Also, it looks cool. More

Cheeseburger Cocktail Recipe

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Do you love cocktails as much as you love cheeseburgers? Then maybe you'll be into this recipe for a cheeseburger cocktail featuring rum, tomatoes, lettuce water, beef stock, bread crumbs, mustard powder, cheddar, pickle, and salt and pepper. ...Or maybe you won't be into it. Probably the latter. More

How to Make Dean Martin Burgers

Robyn Lee 3 comments

Now we know how Dean Martin liked his burgers: bunless, with a side of bourbon. Here's his minimal burger recipe, tweeted by Shaun Usher of the blog Letters of Note. The recipe comes from the book The Celebrity Cookbook published in 1967. [via kottke.org] More

Burger Recipes and Cooking Tips for the Fourth of July

Robyn Lee Post a comment

We shared some of our favorite Fourth of July recipes earlier this week on Serious Eats, but if you're still looking for burger ideas, here are some suggestions from The Burger Lab. More

A Blog of Burger Recipes for Every Country in the World

Robyn Lee Post a comment

Learn about different cuisines around the world through the power of burger by reading Burgers Here and There, a blog documenting original burger recipes representing every country in the world—192 countries, as recognized by the United Nations. Burger blogger Linda Monach listed her guidelines for the project: recipes aren't necessary "authentic," but are inspired by the country's popular foods; ingredients are from local grocery stores, not ethnic or gourmet markets; and a burger is defined as a ground/shredded meat patty on top of a starchy base. More

Recipe of the Day: Cheeseburger Dumplings

Robyn Lee 10 comments

[Photograph: Cathy Erway] Those aren't regular Chinese-style dumplings; they're stuffed with cheeseburger filling! Cathy Erway of Not Eating Out in New York shares her recipe for the filling made of sirloin steak seasoned with black pepper, Worcestershire sauce, and... More

The Burger Lab: The Fake Shack

The Burger Lab J. Kenji López-Alt 48 comments

More than enough has already been written about the Shack Burger from New York City's Shake Shack. I decided to recreate it at home, which meant I had to eat it, dissect it, deconstruct it, research it, eat it some more, rebuild it, break it down again, reconfigure it, taste it, eat it one more time, and finally reconstruct it again. Here are the results. More

Labor Day Grilling Recipes

Robyn Lee Post a comment

[Flickr: wickenden] It's that time of the year again. Celebrate the end of summer fun by firing up the grill and slapping on some meat patties! Adam has grilling tips for burger-making n00bs. Here are some recipes to get... More

How to Make a Minted Chèvre Stuffed Gyro Burger

Robyn Lee Post a comment

[Photograph: Ben Frank] Although I've expressed an aversion to cheese-stuffed burgers in the past, this minted chèvre-stuffed gyro burger by Ben Frank of I Ate That might make me change my mind. Instead of a gooey center that most... More

Blogwatch: The Ultimate Umami Burger

Robyn Lee 1 comment

Photograph: White on Rice Couple Diane and Todd of White on Rice Couple say they used to call their popular burger "magic meat" until they recently chose to change the name to "the hamburger loaded with umami" after that... More

'21 New Ways to Serve Hamburger' from Hunt's

Robyn Lee 3 comments

"This might be titled 'How to make hamburgers deliciously different!'" From Shelf Life Taste Test on Flickr Who wants burgers filled with cheese and covered in Hunt's tomato sauce? Yeah? ...Anyone? You can find this gem of a recipe... More

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