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Astoria, NYC: A Great Burger in an Unlikely Spot at Astor Bake Shop

Astor Bake Shop opened just shy of a year ago in an unlikely place. Far from the subway lines that serve Astoria, it's a place you might only visit if you lived in the area or took a short detour south after a day in Astoria Park. The shop is the "labor of love" of chef-owner George McKirdy, a veteran of some fancy Manhattan restaurants. Although a bakery in appellation, it serves a short menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner dishes as well. Among them a very good burger, maybe even the best I've had so far in Astoria. More

NYC: My Favorite New Burger, at LIC's Burger Garage

If you're in the neighborhood, you owe it to yourself to add The Burger Garage to your lunch- or dinnertime roster. It's also worth a detour if you're a 7-, G-, E-, or M-train rider and your commute takes you through the Court Square/23rd-Ely. In a city where new burger joints often backfire despite the best intentions, the Burger Garage seems to be firing on all cylinders. More

Astoria, NYC: 5 Napkin Burger Doesn't Live Up to the Hype

I have to admit that I came to 5 Napkin Burger prejudice against it, so much so that I willfully avoided eating it until this week. It's not just the size of the burger—a full 10-ounce patty, which is at least twice my ideal patty size—but also the amount and indeed the very nature of the toppings that are served with it. Not surprisingly, considering that the burger was born at Upper West Side bistro Nice Matin, the restaurant's namesake dish is all frogged up, the hamburger equivalent of French onion soup. More

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