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Shake Shack to Premiere Fresh Cut Fries at UES Location Today

We love Shake Shack, but we've often wondered how a restaurant that prides itself on its freshness and quality of ingredients could choose to serve the crinkle-cut frozen fries they've been using since their inception. That's why we were so excited when we heard the news that starting this morning at 11 a.m. they would be replacing their frozen fries with fries cooked from fresh hand-cut potatoes. More

NYC Food Trucks: Okay Beef Overshadowed by Great Toppings at Frites 'n' Meats

The phrase "Saving the world, one burger at a time" adorns each and every takeout bag from New York City's Frites 'n' Meats food truck. After sampling their full burger menu, I think they should consider changing this motto to "Saving our burgers, one avocado at a time." As Nick Solares has pointed out, a great burger shouldn't need any condiments to taste delicious. Unfortunately, toppings are a major saving grace at a truck that seemed destined for burger greatness. More

Every Burger From The Fourth Annual Burger Bash in New York City

The Fourth Annual New York City Burger Bash presented by Pat LaFrieda took place at the Brooklyn Bridge Park on Friday evening, with 21 different restaurants representing. Thousands of burgerazzi were on hand to taste the burgers and maybe grab a photo op with the judges; this year's event was hosted by Whoopi Goldberg with a judging panel consisting of Food Network's Anne Burrell, Adam Richman of Man Vs. Food, Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods, and David Burke. Check out all the burgers! More

White Castle Fan Sues Chain Over Uncomfortably Small Booths

290-pound White Castle fan Martin Kessman filed a lawsuit against White Castle after they "repeatedly broke promises to make the booths in his local eatery bigger," reports New York Post. He made his first complaint to White Castle about the uncomfortable booths at the location in Nanuet, New York, over two and a half years ago—booths that he says violates the civil rights of people who are fat, pregnant, or handicapped—but nothing has changed since then. White Castle spokeswoman Jamie Richardson told the Post, "Kessman could have approached a store manager and asked for a regular chair." More

Chain Reaction: Applebee's Cowboy Burger

Any chain as aggressively all-American as Applebee's is going to have a few burgers on its menu; and sure enough, there's a whole page of the laminated photo menu devoted to them. The Cowboy Burger ($9.99) topped with cheddar, bacon, and crispy onion strings may not make me want to run back to Applebee's, but it's better than anything else I've had on the menu. More

NYC: Another Fancy-pants Burger Enters the Wars at Gotham Bar and Grill

Though there hasn't been a burger on the Gotham Bar and Grill menu since there was a margarita machine at the restaurant's elegant bar, chef and owner Alfred Portale knew the time had come: Portale wasn't using the trimmings from the 28 day dry-aged steak on his dinner menu, and he knew that had to stop. "The end piece, the aged fat, about four inches of the strip loin—all amazing pieces—were going to waste," says Portale. "I realized these could be elements of the most incredible burger." More

NYC: Looks Are Deceiving at Community Food and Juice

Growing up in the West Harlem/Morningside Heights neighborhood, I really wanted to love Community Food & Juice when it first opened. It's got a great vibe, a tasty looking menu (pork belly, beets, market salads, lentils, all that good stuff), and a nice location to boot. The only problem: Aside from an excellent matzoh ball soup ($8), the food isn't worth the price. All of it looks pretty, but beauty doesn't run deep. More

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