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Chain Reaction: Texas Roadhouse

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 20 comments

A glass case of hand-cut steaks greeting you at the door, a tableside bucket of peanuts in the shell, the occasional yee-haw rising up from a far corner of the restaurant: what's not to love about Texas Roadhouse? Well, as it turns out, the burgers. More

Chain Reaction: Waffle House

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 32 comments

You may not consider Waffle House a burger place, but I submit that theirs is actually better and a much better bargain than what the clown, the king, and the pigtailed girl are handing out. Hot, steamy, melty, with real grease dripping off of it—this is fast food without everything that makes fast-food cringeworthy. More

Atlanta: Great Beef and Turkey Burgers with Gumption at Moxie Burger

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 10 comments

East Cobb has seen an explosion of growth recently. Now there's a legit neighborhood burger joint to go along with it...with exceptional beef burgers, and even a turkey burger worth ordering. More

Chain Reaction: O'Charley's

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 13 comments

After a recent test-drive of three-fifths of their burger offerings, I can't classify O'Charley's burgers as living up to the first part of their "Good Food, Good Times" slogan. More

Chain Reaction: Dairy Queen

Chain Reaction Todd Brock 28 comments

A trip to Dairy Queen primarily means ice cream. And if there's a need to squeeze a meal in prior, then we can generally find a menu option that's basically a means to a soft-serve end. More

Atlanta: Seed Brings Fine Dining (and a First-class Burger) to East Cobb

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 1 comment

If a truly exceptional restaurant puts a burger on its menu, they should be able to execute it exceptionally. You may not venture into East Cobb specifically for the burger at Seed Kitchen & Bar, but it's a damn great option once you're here. More

Atlanta: Messy Burgers, Memorable Times at The Red Eyed Mule

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 6 comments

Jake's L'il Daddy features a layer of "Sloppy Jimmy," a hearty and slightly spicy mix of Angus chuck and chorizo that makes for a more-than-worthy add-on. More

Atlanta: Don't Call It Cinderella; Cheeseburger Bobby's Is Ready to Play with the Big Boys

AHT: Atlanta Todd Brock 8 comments

Cheeseburger Bobby's single and double burgers are quite tasty and worth the short wait, but the real stars of this lineup are the ridiculously fresh DIY toppings: two pickle types, two pepper varieties, sliced red or diced white onions, tomatoes, relish, and six kinds of sauces and condiments. More

Chain Reaction: Houlihan's

Chain Reaction Todd Brock 13 comments

The 17-state chain strives to be everything to everyone, meaning the food can be wildly inconsistent and often guilty of the trying-too-hard approach. It's possible, though, to navigate this menu for a burger (despite the goofy names and overdone toppings) that's better than what you'll get at a nondescript T.G.I.Chilibee's. More

Chain Reaction: Cracker Barrel

Todd Brock 27 comments

Perhaps no restaurant chain is more closely associated with the Great American Road Trip than Cracker Barrel. Their ubiquitous billboards, telling you how many "miles ahead" the next location is, push big fluffy biscuits, down-home veggies, and warm peach cobbler. But I've never seen one spotlighting their burger. Now I know why. More

Marietta, GA: Suburban Tap's Diablo Burger Proves the Devil's in the Details

Todd Brock 10 comments

At Suburban Tap, the jalapeño-topped Diablo Burger brings the heat, but the dominant taste is of the vinegary pickling juice the jalapeño slices are jarred in. More

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