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Kona, HI: A Cheeseburger in Paradise at the Four Season's Beach Tree

Damon Gambuto 5 comments

The cheeseburger at the iconic Four Season's Hualalai is a bite of paradise that will remind you of what's good in life. More

W & M Bar-B-Q Burger, Serving Teriyaki Burgers in Honolulu for Nearly 60 Years

Robyn Lee 8 comments

During my week-long trip to Honolulu from May 9 to 16, I made it a point to try as many different Hawaiian foods as I could without exploding. In the "burger" category that meant getting a teriyaki burger, or teri burger, made with a patty soaked in sweet soy sauce-based teriyaki sauce. I stopped by drive-up burger joint W & M Bar-B-Q Burger to squeeze in a teriyaki burger and fries. More

The Avocado Burger from Kua 'Aina in Hawaii

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Damn, look at those burger innards. [Photograph: Kathy YL Chan] Since Serious Eats contributor Kathy YL Chan just spent the holidays at home in Hawaii, I got her to share an update on the avocado burger from Kua 'Aina... More

Review of The Counter in Honolulu: Great Burgers, Long Wait

Robyn Lee 5 comments

The Tasty Island Pomai of Hawaii-based blog The Tasty Island reviews the recently opened outpost of Californian "build your own burger" chain The Counter in Honolulu's Kahala Mall. The Counter is known for its extensive list of toppings resulting... More

May's Teri Burger from the 2009 Punahou Carnival in Hawaii

Robyn Lee 5 comments

Photograph by Pomai at The Tasty Island Pomai of Hawaii-based blog The Tasty Island ate a May's Teri Burger at the 2009 Punahou Carnival held last week on February 6 and 7. When he described it as, "Pretty much... More

Obama's Not-So-Secret Hawaiian Burger Joint

Robyn Lee 6 comments

Photograph of avocado burger from Kua 'Aina from skyseeker on Flickr. After reading Pico Iyer's feature on Barack Obama in Time, Amy Wolf of Sunset Magazine tried to figure out what unnamed Hawaiian burger joint Iyer and Obama had... More

From the Mailbag: Does this Count as a Cheeseburger?

Lauren Krueger 11 comments

Dear AHT, I'm in Hawaii, and I thought of your Cheeseburger Challenge [This one? —LK] when I saw this local special called the Loco Moco.... More

Burger Link Roundup

Adam Kuban Post a comment

News Attack of the Clone: A Utah burger joint is in the doghouse with In-N-Out: "The company in question is Chadder's, an American Fo1rk burger restaurant that opened in May with a menu that is so similar to In-N-Out that... More

From the Mailbag: Teddy's Bigger Burger; Oahu, Hawaii

Adam Kuban 2 comments

Dear AHT, There is a place on Oahu near the base of Diamondhead that makes one of the best burgers I've ever had. Its called Teddys Bigger Burger and its almost worth a flight to hawaii just to eat there.... More

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